About Us

With permission from his Pastor, Robert Skipper began in early 2021 to take home used candle stubs from his local church, St. Martha’s Catholic Church. He learned how to properly care for and then recast new Cathedral-Style tapers at home. There were many things learned from this experience, but now he wants to share the beautiful work with those around him!

Robert Skipper collects used candle wax from churches and individuals so that they can be given new life. By recycling and using old candles, they avoid the landfill and burn longer for people to use and enjoy. The work of bees is precious, and we should not waste it in the least!

“Chandlery” is a traditional term that may refer to a place that makes candles, and therefore a “Chandler” is a person who crafts candles. While this operation is still small, it has plenty of room to grow! Robert Skipper is currently the sole Chandler and operator of Ashland City Chandlery.



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