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All current products are made from recycled church wax, which is 51% Beeswax and unscented.

Pair of Votives


A great candle option for those who aren’t set up for any high level of candle attention. With a burn time between 18-22 hours, you will have plenty of use for these votives in your prayer space at home.

One Dozen Votives


A perfect way to set yourself up with many votive candles at a discounted rate, or to gift to your loved ones. 

10" (Ten Inch) Set of Two


Two candles to begin your home altar, prayer corner, or to simply adorn a family meal. These candles will be a great addition anywhere in the home.

10" (Ten Inch) Altar Set of Six


This home altar set enables you to light a larger prayer space. With six candles, one echoes the church altar in the home, reminding us that our prayers are always attached to the larger body of fellow believers.

Can be ordered for bulk discount on 10″ doubles.

14" (Fourteen Inch) Set of Two


These two candles stand tall and majestically, waiting to light your prayer and to remind you of the presence of Christ wherever his faithful are. Perfect for a small home altar or prayer corner.

14" (Fourteen Inch) Altar Set of Six


The ideal candle set for those serious about setting up a sacramental space in the home. Tall and proud, this home altar set will elevate your prayer space to a whole new height.

Can be ordered for bulk discount on 14″ doubles.