What is a Chandlery?

A “Chandlery” is a place where candles are made. A “Chandler” therefore is someone who makes candles.

Aren’t Church candles blessed?

Yes, most church candles are or should be blessed. Once these candles are melted down, however, they no longer have the form of candle by which they were blessed. Ashland City Chandlery handles blessed candles with care until they are melted down, and then they are still handled with care, all the way through delivery!

Is Ashland City Chandlery an environmental friendly operation?

Yes! By primarily using used and spent candle wax, Ashland City Chandlery prevents these materials from going to waste, and gives them new life. Since most Church candles are made purely or partially of bees wax, it means that all candle products are also very environmentally friendly.

What are Ashland City Chandlery candles made of?

Candle materials will be listed as separate shop categories. The two main categories of candles you will find from Ashland City Chandlery are candles made of 100% bees wax, or candles that are made of 51% bees wax (usually with a little added bleached beeswax to up the beeswax percentage), as these are the kinds of candles churches will use. Other products may come available over time and their materials will be listed in the product description.



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