These stories, crafted through storyasking, are fun, short, and quirky. They help learners bridge the gap between simple word and phrase recognition to sentence and paragraph level content. Reading builds fluency, so have at it! After reading the stories you can follow the accompanying Textivate link to play reading games with the story.



1. Téann Alex ag Lorg Éadaí – (


1. Lorraine agus an Bialann – (

This story follows a woman, Lorraine, as she navigates her way through Panda Express.

2. Míchael ag an mBialann – (

This story follows Míchael as he works around having his family at Olive Garden.

3. Seán agus an Cóisir Oíche Shamhna – (

A famous football player (partially) cooperates with his friends to put together a Halloween party. Does he make good choices?

4. Eoin agus an Teachín Geal – (

This story follows a poor lonely farmer on a rainy day who finds a gleam of joy from a far off and small house that contains a small family.

5. Pól an Iascaire – (

This story follows a brief adventure of a lonely fisherman who just wants a cold Guinness.

6. Téann Crystal go dtí an Oileán – (

This story follows the farmer, Crystal, as she navigates to an island in search of the perfect ingredient for her dinner. The storytellers were given four tools to help Crystal as she encountered obstacles…did she use them well?

7. Malachi ag Cuardach a Mhadra – (

This story follows Malachi, a man who lost his dog. He has to take shelter from weather in a scary house. The storytellers were given four tools to help Malachi as he encountered obstacles. Let’s see how well he used them!

8. Troideann Códaí an Ollmhór Netflix – (

Códaí gets fed up when a certain Giant destroys his access to Netflix! Little does Códaí know who he’s dealing with, however…The storytellers were given four tools to help Códaí defeat the Ollmhór.  Is he successful?