English<->Spanish Document Translation

Do you need documents translated from English to Spanish? Do you need documents translated from Spanish to English? Then Robert Skipper is here to help.

English <–> Spanish
Rate: $ 0.10/word
Turnaround: Depends on workload

How to Set Up Services:

  1. Email robert@glottoverse.com with document type/word count/expected return time.
  2. Receive invoice, with mutually agreed return date for document, from Robert, along with instructions on how to pay (check or Pay Pal).
  3. Pay half of the expected invoice up front. Once the first half of the payment is received, Robert will translate the document. Once document is finished being translated the client will get a notification that the document is complete and that the second half of the payment should be processed. Once the full invoice has been paid the final document will be delivered to the client.