Need a good tutor?

Stuck on a difficult problem? Need some in-person guidance to help get you ready for a big test or want some extra practice? Robert can help!

Rate: $40/hour

Subject Areas:

Spanish     –     English     –     Writing     –     Reading     –     Latin     –
Philosophy (general, also specifically Scholastic philosophy)

How to Set Up Services:

  1. Email robert@glottoverse.com with subject area/desired meeting time/length of tutoring services
  2. Receive invoice, with mutually agreed date and time, from Robert, along with instructions on how to pay (check or Pay Pal).
  3. Pay half of the expected invoice up front. Client will be charged based on the arranged meeting time, not actual time used. Once meeting is over the other half of the invoice should be paid.*

  4. *If client cancels within 24 hours of the arranged meeting time, they will not receive a refund for the initial payment.